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Polycrystalline Module

In polycrystalline product PVA Solar is to perform in geographical conditions for residential, commercial and our industrial installation manufacturer in India. This panel have lower efficiencies, and their advantages is a lower price in point. Polycrystalline solar panel are also made from multi crystal silicon.

Polycrystalline solar panel made of silicon and it is also referred to as poly solar panel & multicrystalline panel, it is new technology & manufacturing process. There are so many different silicon crystals in particular each & every cell.

Polycrystalline cells were thought to be inferior to monocrystalline cells because they were somewhat shorter efficient. In this type of solar panels there are less space or margin left for electrons to move further. In the out-side structure of these cells, panels are square & the angles are un-cut.

PVA solar are currently one of the best solar panel manufacturer in India.

Additional information

Weight 22.87kgs
Dimensions 1965mm * 990mm * 35mm

Polycrystalline module


330W to 335W

  • Polycrystalline solar panel are reliable panel.
  • Good in efficiency
  • Low-light performance environment
  • They are grainy blueish
  • Good power out-put
  • Excellent performance under high temperature even in low light.
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